The Saints of the West Adoption Application

In order that we may be assured the Saint Bernard you are applying to adopt will be best suited to your home and lifestyle and that it will be placed in an environment that is compatible with its needs, please complete this form then click on the Submit button at the bottom. We only use your information to contact you.

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Are you aware the average veterinarian bills for a Saint Bernard
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When you are away for a few days who will care for the dog?

If you own a pickup truck will the dog ride in the

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Do you realize Saint Bernards often weigh more than 100 pounds, shed profusely
(especially during the summer), often drool or slobber and are prone to hip problems?



Have you ever surrendered a dog to a family member, friend, shelter or rescue group?



If so, why?

Are you aware that when you adopt a Saint Bernard you are taking on the responsibility
for its lifetime which may be up to twelve years?



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